Popular Terms Defined:

People use terms like retro, vintage, or antique to describe things they have, that aren’t necessarily "new.” Did you know, though, that these terms have very different specific meanings?

According to US customs laws; art, furniture, and décor items have to have been created or produced at least 100 years prior to the date of purchase in order to be considered antique.

Retro is a term usually tied to a decade or design style. Highly fashionable when they first appeared on the scene, these items fell out of favor, and then made a come back. Either in their original form, or as a replica.

Some might argue that "vintage” implies quality. Vintage cars, vintage movies. "That wine is an excellent vintage.” If you have a vintage item, chances are it’s from somewhere between the 20’s and 70’s.

From there, we make the jump to "collectible.” All the best things from our childhood were collectable, right? And, if you were a real pro, you collected them all.

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