Return Policy
Last updated: December 14, 2020
In general, all sales are final on the Service except where required by law. This applies to all Seller Stores on the Service, unless stated specifically by a Seller in its own policies, as stated in that section of any Seller Store on the Services.  Please read the individual policies in each Seller Store before transacting a purchase.

We do not own, store nor ship any products sold via the Service marketplace. All Seller Stores on the Service marketplace are responsible for setting, having, and posting a "Returns, Refunds and Exchanges Policy.” Please read those policies prior to purchasing anything from a Seller Store on the Services marketplace. 

We set guidelines and encourage our Sellers to make sure that item descriptions and photographs accurately describe items so that our Buyers know what they’re getting before they place their order. The items offered are sold as-is, where-is. They’re often one of a kind, with their own unique set of beauty marks acquired from years of use.

Individual Sellers will determine if they will accept returns of product/s purchased and refund any other associated costs, like shipping, fees, commissions, or taxes. Sellers are not required to accept a return or exchange unless stated in their store policies.  If the Seller is willing to accept the return Buyer and the Seller must settle these details through direct Buyer-Seller messaging. In the event that a Seller opts to provide a refund to a Buyer, the Seller is solely responsible to provide that refund through its own means, not through the original form of payment.  Seller may choose to refund Fees, Commissions, Shipping, Taxes and/or other associated fees at Seller’s sole expense. Seller is solely responsible to request and obtain any tax adjustments from any tax authorities.

In the unlikely event that the item you received did not match the online description or photographs depicting the item, or was the wrong item entirely, and, you attempted to resolve the issue with the Seller, but that did not result in your satisfaction, you may reach out directly to us and we will work with you and the Seller Store on the Service to resolve the issue.

Ultimately, we want you to be pleased with your purchase and experience.