Help Keep Precious Treasures & Valuable Construction Supplies Out of The Dump

Are you a fan of ReCapturit's mission? Are you looking to become more involved in your community? Are you sick of seeing things that should be reusable go into the trash? Looking for ways to help the environment by decreasing the amount of waste going into our landfills? ReCapturit is here to help. Read below to learn more about how you can donate old materials to a salvage store, or dispose of your old paint to be recycled properly so it can be reused by someone else.
Donate Your Old Materials

Do you have an item that you'd like to keep out of the dump, but don't know what to do with? There are salvage centers and donation sites all over the country. Salvage stores that would love to take that item off your hands. Use these interactive maps to find a salvage store near you. Perhaps one of our very own ReCapturit sellers!
Find A Salvage Store Near You

Take A Look At Salvage Stores Across the Country


SPREAD THE WORD! We'd be extremely grateful if you did. When you get to the store, take a minute, look around. You might find something you can't live without. If you want your next shopping experience with them to be on, let them know. Who knows, you might see the item you just donated! Whether you stop and shop, or just donate and run, we hope you'll mention ReCapturit. Click on and print the "Start Selling on ReCapturit" PDF below, attach it to your item, and hand it to them. 
Printable "Start Selling on ReCapturit" PDF

Donate Unwanted Paint
Gone are the days of kitty litter and garbage cans. These days old paint is collected and processed to be sold again, better than before. Our friends at have processed 50 million gallons of paint, stain, and varnish since they were established in 2009. Click here to visit their website and find a drop off site near you.
Before You Go, Let's Talk About Why This Is Important

Less Than 20% of Demolished Building Materials Get Salvaged. 

Yikes! That's low. 

It has been only a bit more than a century since we started discarding buildings' remains. Prior to the advent of steam-powered machinery, dynamite and the wrecking ball, most building materials were salvaged as part of the deconstruction process and then re-purposed. Now, the deconstruction industry is returning.

The Current State of Salvage... 

Many materials do get salvaged: 

  • The most utilitarian - concrete, steel,
  • The structural - columns, beams, trusses, lumber, bricks,
  • The commonplace - doors, windows, lighting, siding, cabinets,
  • The sublimely beautiful - architectural ornamentation, stained glass, formed metalwork, carved stone, terracotta, fine woodwork.

There is so much value embodied in these things. Yet, with outdated retailing models, lack of use of technology, along with entrenched systems, processes, companies and industries, only a small percentage is being salvaged now. All have to be inspired and empowered to bring a renaissance to the world of building material salvage and reuse. 

Landfills have enough waste. Wood reused keeps carbon in a stable state and not in the atmosphere. There is beauty and history and quality in what once was new. We can restore these things. The planet will be better for it.

YOU can help! YOU can benefit! YOU can be the front of the line!

The Benefits of using salvaged materials: 

  • One of a kind finds. Stand out by using recaptured materials! A lot of the disposed of building materials are one-of- kind and/or discontinued! This gives you a higher chance of finding and using something unique that can make your final project stand out. By using recaptured materials you get the opportunity to use discontinued or one of a kinds finds for your project.
  • The cost is commonly lower. Does that sound like music to your ears? We thought so! Using recaptured building materials allows all consumers to get something once determined to the trash and get it for a lower cost and similar quality.
  • You have potential to get a great deal on something high priced. Ever heard of a diamond in the ruff? Well, we've definitely got some of those. Sourcing your recaptured materials from all over the country opens up the opportunity to find something of high value and superior quality.
  • It's environmentally friendly. We all want to make a difference helping the environment and using recaptured materials is one step towards that. Using recaptured materials keeps them out of the landfills and reuses the product, giving it a second life.